Wallet Recovery Services & Private Sessions

While I am committed to making all of my tools and knowledge available through free and open source mediums, sometimes people want one-on-on support. If you don’t want to pay for support, then the YouTube comments section is the place to ask for help. (I do my best to answer every question there)

In addition to my free content, there are a number of paid options.

To Request a Paid Private Session or Trusted Recovery…

Complete the form here: https://forms.office.com/r/KEypP0FRvN and we will be in touch. If you don’t receive a reply via email within 48 hours, be sure to check your spam/junk folder.

Paid Services Offered

Private Session over Skype/Zoom

These sessions can be for any of the following:

  • Walking you through doing a recovery yourself. (Avoiding the need to pay extra fees associated with a trusted recovery)
  • General crypto related education topics.
  • As the first part of a trusted recovery. (Just to make sure I understand your situation, what you are trying to recover and so we can securely share any confidential data in a secure way)

This service doesn’t require anyone to share seed words or private keys at all, so is totally trustless.

Fee: $100 USD, paid beforehand for up to an hour. (Payable in cash or crypto) This can be paid either beforehand or at the start of the session. (If you choose to pay in the session, this is counted as part of your time)


  1. Contact me via email, Reddit, Facebook or twitter, etc. (Links at the bottom of the page)
  2. Before booking anything, I make sure that what you are looking for help with is possible, part of the services that we offer and that you are accept our Terms of Service.
  3. We arrange a time to have a video chat over Skype/Zoom based on your timezone and my availability.

Trusted Recovery

Sometimes folk just get totally fed up with trying to use things like BTCRecover themselves, are stuck with an invalid or incomplete mnemonic, so want me to run it for them. Other times folk have done something like send funds to the wrong blockchain (So VET to an Eth address) and aren’t confident to do the recovery themselves… This is also an option if someone wants to do a recovery that isn’t yet possible with BTCRecover and they would like to sponsor the feature.

This is a “trusted” service in that it requires you to send me what you think you have in terms of a seed phrase.

Fee: 10% of Funds Recovered, Collected upon Successful Recovery, paid in whatever cryptos are recovered. (This In addition to the $100 USD standard private session fee and any transaction fees involved in moving the recovered funds)


  1. We start with a private session just to make sure I understand your situation, what you are trying to recover, to make sure you understand our Terms of Service and so we can securely share any confidential data in a secure way.
  2. I attempt recovery for about a week in a local secure environment. (If your recovery will need more processing power than this, we would need to agree on some up-front fee to pay for cloud hosting, as well as you accepting an increased level of risk in using such a service)
  3. If I successfully recover the funds, I will move them to a new wallet straight away. The reason for this is that I can’t be sure that you haven’t leaked the seed at some point in your own recovery attempts, so don’t want to run the risk that someone else would break your seed after I have been “entrusted” with it… (eg: It would look like I just took the lot)
  4. I contact you, check that I have found everything and then organise for an address to send the recovered funds to. This doesn’t have to happen in a hurry and it’s fine if you need a few days or weeks to organise a new wallet.
  5. I video call you, send you the funds, minus the 10% fee, and confirm that you have recieved them.

Important Notes: re: Trusted Recovery

  1. I’m not interested in jumping straight to trusted recovery without talking to you first so that I have some idea who I am talking to… Not interested in doing anonymous recovery for anyone… (As it could well be that you just stole a seed from someone and want me to help you access it, so yea, not interested in you remaining anonymous…)
  2. Don’t just email me a seed phrase, or photo of a seed phrase out of the blue, don’t use some random online service like privnote, etc… (Doing any of these things means you likely leaking your seed to half the world in the process of sending it)

Contact me via the social links at the bottom of the page for more info…

Paid Services – FAQ

Which communication methods are available for private sessions and recoveries?

Zoom and Skype are the primary communications platforms as these work well cross platform and include the necessary features that are often used in private sessions… From time to time I have also done private sessions over Discord and Google Meet. Due to the international nature of my private sessions, I don’t offer in-person or phone based communication options.

Can I pay at the end of a private session?

No… I used to allow this in the past but had too many people simply end the call and not pay…

Do you offer shorter private sessions?

No, one hour is the minimum increment for which one-on-one private sessions are offered.

Can I get an invoice or receipt for private sessions/recoveries?

Yes, these will be emailed to you and can be denominated in your national currency. (Or just USD if not specified)

Are private sessions fees tax inclusive?

For private sessions yes, for recoveries no. Regardless of which service you use, for those outside Canada, the tax rate is 0%. For those inside Canada, the $120 CAD ($100 USD) private sessions fee includes the GST/HST and an additional percentage is added on to recovery fees to cover the GST/HST in your province. (All of this information is included in your invoice)